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Differences Between Wine Cooler and Home Refrigerator

Posted February 2, 2016 by Joyonto kumar in Buying Guidlines

Differences Between Wine Cooler and Home Refrigerator

Wine cooler and home refrigerator both are same at work. Both are chill your red and white wines. Home refrigerator are feat for any kind of food, beer and anything you need to chill.

I am not a regular drinker and few months ago suddenly I decided to store some of my favorite red and white wines for long times.  But I was not sure which was perfect to chill my wines properly and store long periods of time. I was not thinking much more about cooler. I used my home refrigerator. When I stored my wines in regular refrigerator I had faced some problem. Then I was clear that which one is best to store wine.

At first you need to clear many things:

  • wine cooler– is an appliance specially design for wines(red and white wines).
  • Refrigerator- is not design for wines, is for all.

Home Refrigerator

Differences Between Wine Cooler and Home Refrigerator

Home refrigerator is okay to store wine. But trouble is begin when you store wine in a aside of the refrigerator. First of all home refrigerators are subject to giving a constant temperature activity. In a refrigerator keep all kind of family needs like: fruits, meat, cold drinks and so on.  It is not possible for you to store wine  inside. That’s why temperature is not constant, its being open all the time. If have children think that how many times its open in a day!

Most bottles of wine have to be compelled to be keep on their sides. There square measure 2 main reasons for this: One, it helps the sediment settle and preserve the wine. Second, it keeps corks damp. If corks dry out, they’ll shrink which is able to permit air into the bottle, therefore spoiling the wine within.

Now you think that you will use refrigerator to store wine or not, frequently say you that storing a wine for long or short time wine cooler is perfect.

Wine Cooler

Differences Between Wine Cooler and Home Refrigerator

Wine cooler actually made to chill wine. Wine cooler keeps constant temperature for your favorite red and white wines. I think now you clear about the benefit of wine.

  • Perfect temperature of wine : 54 degrees Fahrenheit. In a regular fridge are subject to constant activity which causes the temperature to fluctuate. If you give them constant temperature: 54 degrees Fahrenheit, its okay. But I think it is not possible to give them constant temperature in regular fridge. So the wine cooler/wine refrigerator is perfect to store you favorite white and red wine.
  • You control the temperature easily through the temperature control panel. Set any temperature you need.
  • If you have some small collection of wine and you want to store them a wine cooler, single zone wine cooler is perfect for you.
  • If you have some big collection of wine and you want to store them a wine cooler, Dual zone wine cooler is perfect for you. You can store wine in two different zone and set temperature both zones what you need.
  • Wine cooler are two types compressor cooling system and thermoelectric cooling system. Thermoelectric cooling system is vibration free. No sound pollution. Thermoelectric wine cooler has no compressor and no compressor means no Freon and no means eco friendly.


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