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Single Zone Vs Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Posted February 15, 2016 by Joyonto kumar in Buying Guidlines

Single Zone Vs Dual Zone Wine Cooler:

Wine cooler is great invention for wine lover. If are a professional or unprofessional drinker, you also need a small or big wine cooler. Wine cooler really gives a perfect temperature. You are a new and confused about wine cooler. You must be need to read our last article: what is wine cooler & how to store wine in a wine cooler. You don’t feel nervous about wine cooler. Before using wine cooler I was using my home refrigerator to store wine. But I was really in trouble, Why? I didn’t gave them constant temperature. My two kids was all the time open the refrigerator door. Then I decided to buy a wine cooler.

Now it is the time to talk about single zone vs dual zone wine cooler. It is really confusing what should we prefer you to buy. It is actually depend on your needs.

Benefits of Single Zone Wine Cooler:

Single Zone Wine Cooler means one compartment. In a one compartment you store your favorite red or white wines. Because If you store red and white wines together it cause a temperature. The perfect temperature for red wine:62-68 degrees and perfect temperature for white:49-55 degrees. If you have a red or white wines, single zone wine cooler is perfect. Single zone wine cooler little bit slim so it doesn’t waste too many space of your home. It is easy to moving one place to another.

Benefits of Dual Zone Wine Cooler:

Dual zone wine cooler means dual compartment. In a dual compartment you store two types of red or white wines. one zone you can store red and other zone white. And set the perfect temperature for each zone. Suppose top zone you store red wines set temperature:62-68 degrees and bottom white wines set temperature 49-55 degrees. Every zone has LED light which illuminate your wine nicely. It is little bit fatty. It is not so easy to moving one place to another.

We try our best to discus about single zone wine cooler vs dual zone wine cooler. With our experiences we recommend you the dual zone wine cooler.

One the best dual zone cooler is Edgestar CWF340DZ Dual Zone Wine Cooler-34 bottle:

Single Zone Vs Dual Zone Wine Cooler

This built-in Edgestar CWF340DZ Dual Zone Wine Cooler-34 bottle stores up to 34 standard wine bottles. Elegant stainless steel trimmed and dual paned glass door adds sophistication to any home or bar setting. Digital panel with adjustable temperature: Upper Zone 41°F – 54°F and Lower Zone 54°F – 64°F.The Dimensions Edgestar CWF340DZ Dual Zone Wine Cooler-34 bottle is 33 1/8″H x 19 7/16″W x 23 1/16″D , weight is 99 pounds.

Factory-Installed Lock: A built-in lock gives you a peace of mind in knowing that your collection is safe from theft even when you aren’t around. Elegant Design: The stainless steel-trimmed door, wooden wine racks, and LED lighting add to an overall great presentation of your collection.

6 Removable wooden racks help you to grab wines. Upper zone store up to 12 bottles and Lower zones store up to 22 bottles of your favorite wines.

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